Senior Hairstylist
Sarah has created a great presence in the hair and beauty industry, having worked at fashion shows and salons in various locations in the country during her 6 year career. An appointment with Sarah can guarantee a lot of laughing, good vibes, and amazing hair.

She specialises in blondes and technical cutting, and has developed her own individual style that makes her a standout in the industry. Sarah focuses on self care and a work life balance to empower her clients to feel great and look great.

She is known for providing life changing hair tips to her clients and they regularly leave the salon with a beautiful head of hair and a new sense of positivity and humour.


Leaving our salon with not only professionally styled hair but with the knowledge on how to achieve your look at home is the most important thing. Whether it’s creating voluptuous curls or seductive sleekness, our stylists will help you achieve any style you desire.
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