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Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Why does your oily skin really need a moisturiser?

Do you feel like you don’t need a moisturiser because your skin is already so oily?

Well you definitely do need to use a moisturiser, twice a day even! But the good news is you can even love your moisturiser once you have been prescribed the right one.

The number one reason? Hydration. That’s right - just because you have a lot of oil doesn’t mean you are hydrated.

A hydrated skin is a healthy skin! A dehydrated skin will show signs of damaged skin cells or skin cells that have not formed properly. Due to this the skin cannot adequately function properly. This can cause many different skin issues if left untreated, such as congestion, breakouts, inflammation and premature aging. Another concern with oily skin being dehydrated is that this actually sends the message to your sebaceous glands (oil glands) to produce even more oil. (Argh! Nooo!) Whereas using the correct moisturiser can decrease the amount of oil your skin produces.

After all, oil is one of our skin’s greatest assets, as long as your oil flow is healthy and not excessive. Our naturally produced oil will keep our skin looking younger and younger for longer.

Oily skin is the product of an overactive sebaceous gland (oil gland), if this is still overactive past your late teens/early twenties, you are a true oily skin. As when we are teens, we naturally produce more oil due to hormonal factors. If you are still struggling to balance your oil flow in your twenties and up, don’t worry we can help!

The good news is we can help regulate your oil flow by prescribing you the correct moisturiser and using sebum (oil) supressing actives.

You can also reduce sebum by making changes to your everyday life. By decreasing stress and environmental pollution, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet with plenty of essential fatty acids (EFAs) to maintain a good quality of oil flow.

Don’t work against your oily skin!

REMEMBER - this is an asset to your skin! Learn to love and look after your skin type and your skin will thank you for it.

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